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Did you know that by replacing an old inefective caulking can save you up to 20 % on your monthly heating/cooling bill in winter and summer???

Did you know that faulty caulking can potentially lead to Mold inside your home???

Did you know that caulking can last up to 25 years if applied properly???

Did you know that there are close to 50 different colours of caulking to choose from, so lets get you the right colour in our COLOUR CHART Department!


As we have very professional team of caulkers that are eager to jump into any kind of project big or small, Our company has no limits whether it is a replacement of window sealant on small house, and taking projects as big as 50 story building...

We will work hard into finding solution to problems that may occur during progression of project...

How to test if you need to replace caulking?

1) Check outside with any type of smoke such as putout candle,  etc... around window frame  (make sure to do it safely as fire is hazard) to see if there is any smoke coming inside the house through caulking, or window... If it does, Caulking and foam needs to be replaced... This is the most easy way to check...

2) Send picture with problem to our email, and one of our specialist will assist you further (make sure to write exact description of a problem to our Contact Us department, and include images)...

We have a service of General Labour  at our Fully Whims/Working At Heights/ Suspended Access Trained Personnel

$45 - $85 / Hr,  Depending On the type of Duty our Personnel have to Perform!!!

For Drawings Estimate Please Foward Us the copy, and Task Needed to be Performed,and our team of Estimators will be happy to provide Professional Breakdown of Estimate!

We also have Agency Service for residential help! We cannot guarantee those workers to have any type of licences. Our Price - $25 - $40/Hr Depending on Task!

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